La nostra piscina

If you have always dreamed of a farmhouse with outdoor pool, you cannot miss Cavicchio’s beauty and comfort. To give our guests maximum comfort and tranquillity, the pool is open only for the persons who are staying at Agriturismo il Cavicchio.

Start the day with an invigorating pool bath

All our guests have access to the pool, which is 9.50 metres long and 4 metres. wide. Not being deep (only 130-140 centimetres), it is suitable for children: they will have fun and you will be sun tanning at the poolside. To start the day and load your batteries, what can be better than an invigorating morning bath? Enjoy reading a book, or listening to your favourite music, while you immerse your feet into the water: don’t you feel like being master of the world?

Spend a summer evening at the poolside

What’s about enjoying the pool in the evenings? Maybe you have had a long and tiring day spent biking, or hiking, or visiting cities of Art. You can have a relaxing evening at the poolside, lying on a deck chair, sipping our Sangiovese. At least for a few days, leave aside all the bad thoughts…. admire the trickle of light that the sun casts on the pool water, and enjoy all our farm’s delights…

A natural system

A pool bath is pleasant and beneficial: we do not sanitize the water with the usual chlorine tablets, but we follow a natural way. We dissolve common table salt (sodium chloride) into the pool water, with concentration lower than the seawater. Electrolysis frees the sanitizer, assuring that we attain the maximum level of hygiene on behalf of all bathers.

Why is our pool so pleasant?

Bathing in the outdoor pool at Cavicchio is therefore very enjoyable: since we use salt instead of chlorine, eyes do not redden, and you will not get irritated skin, neither itches.

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