Cavicchio is an eco-friendly agriturismo !

Cavicchio is an eco-friendly agriturismo in Bologna, Emilia Romagna. As such, Legambiente, the leading environmental association in Italy, has certified us. Indeed, they have even awarded us the acknowledgement of “Climate Friends”


Agriturismo il Cavicchio and sustainable tourism

Legambiente, in fact, witnessed and attested to our continuous efforts to minimize the polluting impact of everyday activities, marked by respect of nature. If you want to practice sustainable tourism, Cavicchio is the right choice: as noted by, we designed and built the agriturismo in compliance with all energy saving standards, and following the guidelines of eco-sustainability.

Natural materials

The extensive use of natural materials like cork and wood and the insulation of the walls are just two aspects of great “green” care we have had in our structures. In order to avoid all energy wastes, all windows are double-glazed, while the thermo-hygrometric conditions, namely humidity and temperature, are pleasant and comfortable, thanks to the vented roof.

The way we farm

Our farming practices are wholly natural: most of fertilizers comes from compost made from organic waste. Concerning fungicides, we only use copper and sulphur, according to International Organic Farming precepts. On our land, we banned all insecticides, even the ones accepted by Organic farmers: we do not want to kill useful insects, i.e. bees and ladybugs. In short, we always work to keep our ecosystem as balanced as possible.

Why are we organic…

At il Cavicchio agriturismo, we are organic: the purification system of wastewater, for example, is a biological system based on natural bacteria, which carry out a sanitizing action. Of course, we recycle glass, aluminium, paper, plastic, batteries etc.

… and why are we ecologically sustainable

Cavicchio is eco-sustainable because it is based on low energy consumption. For instance, we heat rooms and water with a combination of environment-friendly sources, such as an energy-saving fast heater and a wood boiler (we collect the wood in our forest). On the other hand, solar thermal panels exploit sun light. All the electricity we use comes from renewable sources. Moreover, we designed the hydraulic system to favour an intelligent consumption: we irrigate garden and vegetables with the water coming from three reservoirs filled with rainwater or melted snow.